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Ottawa office movers - Ottawa office movers in Gatineau moving companies - Moving your office in Ottawa? Need professional office movers? Moving your office or business to a new location is exciting but will come with different challenges compared to moving your home. You need movers who know how to move large machines, servers, computer and phone systems, as well as the desks and chairs. Move Taxi movers know how to take down and reinstall cubicles, move high tech equipment, and even crate the more delicate office items for safe transport. One of the biggest challenges is timing because you are not able to stop the busy buzz of the globally connected world. Taking long breaks to move all your office equipment means you would not be able to work with your customers, suppliers, or even your employees and we all know time is money. We have the ability to pack up your office, unload, unpack and set up your office in your new location in just one day. If you need office movers in Ottawa, Move Taxi has a proven track record of getting the job done right while respecting your time and your space.